Cranberry Cheesecake Bites

Cranberry Cheesecake Bites

Use Matt’s Cranberry Walnut Cookie to create a delectable crust for simple cheesecake recipe. Highlight the cranberry and hints of orange in our cookie with a sweet and tart cranberry, raspberry sauce. Even better – they are mini!

YIELD: 12 Servings

ALLERGIES: Dairy, Gluten, Nuts



1 Package Matt’s Cranberry Walnut Cookies, Finely Crumbled

1/2 Stick Unsalted Butter, Melted

3 Tablespoons All-Purpose Flour

1 Pound Cream Cheese, Softened

1/2 Cup granulated Sugar

1/3 Cups Sour Cream

1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

1 Teaspoon Kosher Salt

2 Large Eggs, Room Temperature

6 Ounces Cranberries (Fresh or Frozen)

1 Orange, Zested

1/2 Cup granulated Sugar

1/2 Cup Water



Medium Sized Mixing Bowl

Nonstick Muffin Pan

Silicone or Basting Brush

Stand Mixer with Paddle Attachment OR Hand Mixer and Bowl

Rubber Spatula


Wooden Spoon or Spatula



1.       Preheat oven to 325°F.

2.       Mix crumbled cookies, melted butter, and all-purpose flour together in a medium-sized bowl with a fork.

3.       Butter nonstick muffin pan with brush and disperse cookie mixture evenly. Push down into the bottom of the pan so that the mixture binds together.

4.       Par-bake cookie crust for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool completely.

5.       In a stand mixer with a paddle attachment or a hand mixer and large bowl, paddle cream cheese and sugar on high until light and fluffy, 3 minutes.

6.       Scrape down sides with a rubber spatula and add sour cream, vanilla extract, and kosher salt. Paddle just until combined, 1 minute.

7.       Add in eggs one at a time, and mix until just incorporated.

8.       Evenly distribute cheesecake mix into the muffin pan. Bake until the center of cheesecake bites are still slightly loose. Do not let cheesecake overcook and bake until completely set.

9.      Remove and let cool. Place in the refrigerator to cool completely before removing from pan.

10.       Add cranberries, raspberries, orange zest, sugar, and water to a saucepot. Simmer on low until cranberries just pop. Stir with a spoon to combine. The sauce can be served once cooled slightly or refrigerated to be warmed later to serve.